DevOps Skill Sprint

Designed for established technical teams, the DevOps Skill Sprint teaches a development team how to take control of their CI/CD processes and deploy their application to Kubernetes - either on the cloud or on premise.

The Kubernetes hosting platform is now ubiquitous. Available from all of the major and most of the minor cloud providers - Kubernetes is designed to be directly consumed by Developers - putting them in complete control of the software lifecycle.

Skill Sprints have been delivered to many development teams; helping them to take direct control of their deployments without having to rely on further external help.

FTI Group Case Study

The week-long experience was described as intense by the team, and it was certainly a challenge, with four different applications to be changed and migrated at the same time. Leonardo says: “It was totally different from any training I had done before. Right from the beginning it was a hands-on approach - we just had to get on with the job and do it.” Case Study

“Before the Skill Sprint, I was not able to maintain or make changes in the way I needed to,” Finke said. “Now I’m in full control, and I’m able to add new projects and microservices to the Kubernetes cluster and use it in the same way. Plus, I adopted the Skill Sprint method within our team and it went quite well. I’m very happy about it.“

Credimi Case Study

“I’d never heard anyone speaking openly about tacit knowledge and knowledge transfer in engineering teams,” Porcu said. “We’re now considering doing similar sprints internally, with the most experienced and specialized developers sharing their knowledge in a way that’s sustainable and valuable. We feel as though we’ve invested in our staff without resorting to outside consultants.”