The Technology Adoption Problem

Technical teams often struggle to adopt new technologies. Within todays fast paced development teams there is little time to learn and experiment which often results in poorly thought out implementations which add to technical debt. Managers might consider using consultants, freelancers or training to get the required skills in the team but these more often than not backfire. A holistic approach is required to ensure that a technical solution is delivered alongside knowledge and ownership.

It is possible to use experts to get a sustainable and predictable outcome but these interactions need to be tightly controlled. The Skill Sprint provides a blueprint ensuring that the expert delivers value in a structured manner which does not remove ownership from the permanant members of the team.

Tackling the problem themselves

Teams forge ahead with scant knowledge - generating technical debt along the way. Goals are often extremely hazily with poorly set success The outcomes are normally unpredictable and expensive.


Members of the team undergo skills training, which usually proves to be inadequate as trainees rarely have the opportunity to use newly acquired knowledge before it is forgotten. Technical skills tend to be very tacit - knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing it.

Hiring new employees

Finding the right hires on the market and establishing their competency levels can be difficult. Teams choos to increase headcount at a higher cost, and in doing so, also forego the option of continuing professional development for existing talent.

Using Consultants or Freelancers

While often seen as a quick fix, consulting services tend to create inflexible black boxes that lock teams into costly support services. This results in developers lacking true ownership of their product.

Getting fresh perspectives and new techs into a development team can be extremely difficult. Whilst the methods above can help they will normally fall short of delivering a complete solution.